Big Kid: 700lb Video Game Addict Doesn't Want To Change Anything

Date January 15, 2019

Everyone has a right to choose how to spend their time: some people work tirelessly, while others play computer games all day long. The story of 34-year-old Casey King from Georgia is a vivid example of the latter.

Big Kid: 700lb Video Game Addict Doesn't Want To Change AnythingTLC / YouTube

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After graduation, the guy used to weigh around 300lb. He worked at a couple of restaurants where he would eat. At that time he gained about 200 pounds, which made it difficult for him to move. Casey had to quit his job and his mom kicked him out of the house because he didn’t want to earn money.

The young man is now 34 years old. He weighs around 700 pounds. Casey wakes up at noon and spends the whole day in front of the TV or playing computer games, and then goes to bed. Now he lives with his father, Danny.

Big Kid: 700lb Video Game Addict Doesn't Want To Change AnythingTLC / YouTube

One of the parent's numerous concerns is to ensure his adult son watches his hygiene properly. For this purpose, they specially put a huge trough in the backyard.

The story of Casey King surprised viewers of the TLC reality series, which aired his story. The guy said that he has always been a ‘big kid.’ Danny is worried who will take care of his son when he ages.

At the same time, Casey is clearly addicted to video games.

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The digital world is his shelter from the real one. Nobody cares about his weight or questions his life choices there.

Although Casey honestly admitted that everything went not the way he dreamed, now he has no job, no money, a huge weight problem, and alarming addictions. Who knows what will happen to him?

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