Head Throbbing? What To Eat To Help Relieve A Headache

Date December 14, 2018

A headache is an unpleasant condition that every adult has experienced at least once. There could be different reasons: blood pressure, tension, prolonged exposure to cold, trauma, or dehydration. It is absolutely normal to get a headache once in a while, but if it has become an integral part of your life, this is a serious reason to take better care of your health.

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To begin with, let us clarify that migraine is a neurological disease characterized by a prolonged or episodic severe headache. In this case, you need to consult a doctor to establish all the details about your condition, but there is also something that you can do on your own – ease the pain with a proper diet!

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Which foods can cause headaches

  • dairy products;
  • citrus;
  • peanuts;
  • tomatoes;
  • apples;
  • onions;
  • corn;
  • bananas;
  • milk chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • alcohol.

Head Throbbing? What To Eat To Help Relieve A Headache

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These products are not banned. Just try to minimize their consumption to check whether your headache is connected with the amount at which you consume them.

Foods to help ease a headache

Head Throbbing? What To Eat To Help Relieve A Headache

  1. Dark chocolate. It contains a large amount of magnesium, which helps relax the brain and improves sleep.
  2. Figs. Potassium in combination with other electrolytes helps the organism fight inflammation. Electrolytes are also needed to combat dehydration, which is not desirable for people with headaches or migraines.
  3. Carrots and sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene and other nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Kale is rich in magnesium, which, as you already know, can help with migraine.
  5. Water. Many people don’t drink enough water, and dehydration is one of the strongest causes of a headache.
  6. You should also include orange, yellow, and green vegetables, brown rice, cherries, cranberries, and maple syrup to your diet.

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Everyone knows that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health because a good diet prevents many diseases. Be attentive to yourself and do not make your headache worse with undesirable food products!

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