Big Brother Is Watching: China Will Rank Citizens Into Categories Based On Level Of Trustworthiness

Date December 5, 2018 18:09

Are we already living in the proverbial future? Modern technologies advance so fast that sci-fi movies may become reality sooner than we think. For example, the People’s Republic of China decided to launch a social credit system that will rate their citizens. What is it – a step towards a better future or dystopia? Let's have a look.

About the system

Imagine the most ordinary day. You go to work, drink coffee on the way, and help an old lady get her bag on the bus. A typical morning – but not for the Chinese program. The essence of the social credit system is to collect all information about a person, based on various factors: behavior, actions, clothes, work, and many others, thus accessing one’s trustworthiness.

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Big Brother Is Watching: China Will Rank Citizens Into Categories Based On Level Of TrustworthinessABC News (Australia) / YouTube

The process is pretty straightforward: cameras located everywhere on the streets scan the face of any citizen with 99.8% accuracy. The collected information is analyzed and a person is attributed to a particular category. Here are the criteria included in the rating:

  • credit history;
  • personal information;
  • environment;
  • behavior;
  • job;
  • hobby;
  • comments on social networks.

Big Brother Is Watching: China Will Rank Citizens Into Categories Based On Level Of TrustworthinessADC News (Australia) / YouTube

What it means

Based on these criteria, citizens will get points and society will be clearly divided into 6 categories. People with high scores will enjoy priority service in government departments, good loans, will be more likely to get a higher paid job, and even get a better chance of finding a partner since the rating will be available for each of 1,4 billion Chinese citizens. On the other hand, the ‘blacklisted’ will encounter numerous restrictions. Such people will have a harder time finding a decent job, taking out a loan, and even getting a plane ticket. China plans to get the system up and running by 2020.

If you want a sneak peek into the society governed by a similar system, we recommend you to watch an episode of British television series Black Mirror.

Do you think people need such a system to trust each other? Should people be ranked in this way? Share your opinion, before it's potentially too late.

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