Excuse Me, Are You A Psycho? 10 Signs Of A Personality Disorder

Date September 7, 2018

The number of mental illness cases is increasing in the world. That said, each of us is even more likely to encounter people who are a bit 'off their trolley'.

How can you spot them?

The main rule is that a person with a personality disorder perceives reality in a distorted way, but the symptoms may be different.

From histrionics to psychopaths: 10 signs that allow you to suspect a mental deviation

Psychiatrists distinguish several basic types of personality disorders. Let's list the likely signs of some of them.

1. Narcissistic personality disorder

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People with this personality disorder often feel that they are admired, even though they are far from ideal. The thing is, narcissists hear the contents of their own internal monologue in the words of others people.

And in their own head they are pure perfection!

2. Anxious (avoidant) personality disorder

Unlike narcissists, those suffering from this mental condition constantly hear contempt and spite in the words of people around them, which in fact isn’t there.

The mechanism is the same as in the previous case, but this one comes from extreme lack of self-confidence.

3. Histrionic personality disorder

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Histrionics quickly fall in love or consider themselves somebody’s best friend, turning a blind eye on the real attitude towards them.

The love of such person literally 'smothers' their partner. They are trying their best to make an emotional relationship too close, to get into the soul of their partner.

In addition, histrionics often lie, exaggerate problems and make scenes out of nothing.

4. Demonstrative personality disorder

People with this deviation are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure they are in the center of attention, trying to prove they are smart or right to others.

In addition, they are excellent manipulators, and are prone to bare-faced lying. These people’s lies are very dramatic in order to persuade their audience.

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5. Psychopathic deviation

A tendency to antisocial behavior is a typical symptom of this disorder. Their favorite phrase is “What’s wrong with that?”.

Psychopaths easily violate any boundaries they don’t like, and get real pleasure from doing so.

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6. Dependent personality disorder

Dependent personalities are inclined to expose themselves as victims to others, telling about their hard childhood and old psychological traumas. Often, such stories don’t have real grounds.

In addition, they easily fall under the influence of 'bad company', and can’t defend their own point of view.

7. Infantile personality


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Such people will try to avoid responsibility at any cost. Not only do they behave childishly, but also look much younger than their age.

When their mistakes or shortcomings are pointed out to them, they try to shift blame to someone else or something else.

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8. Schizoid personality disorder

Schizoids have almost no concept of emotional intimacy. Therefore, their relationships with people are too cold and detached.

They seem to be looking at the world through glasses that distort everything.

9. Obsessive-compulsive (anankastic) personality disorder

Even if there are no obvious signs of this deviation, it is very difficult for these people to change something in their established day plan.

Their main problem is control. Often they have all sorts of lists, including, for example, a list of their partner’s flaws.

10. Manic-depressive psychosis (bipolar disorder)

This pathology can be indicated by extreme mood swings, like a depression followed by a period of euphoria. A person with this condition can experience episodes of mood swings rarely or several times a year.

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10 signs mentioned above will help you to spot somebody who is likely to have a personality disorder. However, don’t forget that only a dedicated expert can make the final diagnosis.

Don’t jump to hasty conclusions!

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Remember that a psychiatric diagnosis is not made for people under 18 years of age. And to be diagnosed with a mental condition, the symptoms should have been present during the last 5 years.

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The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.