How Flexible Are You? This Test Will Help You Find Out

Date November 20, 2018

Stretching is one of the best ways to keep muscles healthy. It strengthens them and makes you more flexible. The more flexible you are, the better it is for your joints.

Keep in mind that before doing sports, you can stretch only the muscles that are not involved in dynamic contraction. After the workout, you can stretch the target muscles, thereby allowing them to relax and cool down. Stretching non-target muscles before training, we automatically strain the target group, thereby warming up the muscles. It happens because when we stretch a muscle, we reflexively strain the opposite one.

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Flexibility test for shoulder joints, thigh muscles, and rotator cuffs

If you would like to find out how flexible you are, this test is what you need. It was suggested by Dmitriy Smirnov in his book. In order to take this test, you need to do a few exercises, and then analyze your results.

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Shoulder joints

How Flexible Are You? This Test Will Help You Find Out

Lie on a bench so that your shoulders hang slightly over the edges. Bend your legs and press your lower back to the bench. Raise your straight arms up in front of you, and then slowly lower them as far behind your head as you can reach, without bending the elbows.

Normal result. Both hands went below the bench.

Good result. Both elbows went below the bench.

Excellent result. The hands touched the floor.

Muscles of the thighs

How Flexible Are You? This Test Will Help You Find Out

Stand on your knees and rest your elbows and palms on the floor in front of you. Spread your knees as far from each other as you can without moving the pelvis either forward or backward. Keep the legs bent at a straight angle to your thighs.

Normal result. Thighs are at an angle of 100-110 degrees relative to each other.

Good result. Thighs are at an angle of 130-150 degrees.

Excellent result. Thighs are at an angle of 180 degrees (almost lying flat on the floor).

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Rotator cuffs

How Flexible Are You? This Test Will Help You Find Out

Sit down on a chair so you can see yourself sideways in the mirror. Spread your arms to the sides and bend them at an angle of 90 degrees so that the tips of your fingers face forward. Without changing the bend in the elbows, rotate your arms upwards and back, so that your palms reach maximally behind your head. Then rotate your arms in the opposite direction as far as you can reach.

Normal result. The palms are level with the head (in the top position), and the center line of the body (in the lower position).

Good result. The palms have passed a vertical line of the body and head in both positions.

Excellent result. The end positions of the forearms are perpendicular to your body in both positions.

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If the result was normal, you should add more body flexibility exercises to your routine to take care of your joints. Stretching is at least as important as the training! Stay healthy!

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