3 Questions To Ask Your Doctor When Being Prescribed Treatment

Date January 9, 2019 18:26

Usually, we trust doctors, thinking that they know better. But do they really know your body better than you? Doctors can make mistakes too, and if you are not interested in the details of the prescribed treatment, the chances of this go up.

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The main aspects of talking to the doctor

To get the medical care you need, we advise you to do a few things before the appointment:

  • write down everything you want to tell the doctor about your problem and state of health;
  • take the history of the present ailment or disease to the appointment. You can write it yourself in a notebook or on a sheet of paper;

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  • make a list of all the medicines you are taking, indicating the dosage, start date, and frequency;
  • take all X-rays, medical records, and test results you have to the appointment, enabling your doctor to have more information about your condition.

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Remember: there is no room for embarrassment in the doctor’s office; you must mention everything that is bothering you. If you don’t understand something when communicating with the doctor, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

3 questions that you definitely need to ask your doctor when being prescribed any treatment

1. What are the chances the treatment will help?

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For example, medicine to improve the state of blood vessels doesn’t help reduce blood pressure and doesn’t lower the risk of death from heart disease. Therefore, be sure to ask about the real benefits and prognosis of the proposed treatment. You can also ask the doctor to provide statistics about the benefits of the selected method.

2. What are the chances the treatment can harm me?

Everything has its own risks, even treatment and tests. Remember: only ineffective drugs have no side effects. However, risks don’t always outweigh the benefits. For example, chemotherapy is extremely harmful to the patient, but its negative effect on the body is completely justified when it is used to battle cancer.

3. What are the alternatives?

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Ask your doctor if there are other options of treatment in your case, and ask why this particular one was chosen.

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It is essential to be frank with your doctor and ask all the questions you have. Remember: misunderstanding or leaving some things unspoken may just cost you your life.

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