7 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Point To Mental Health Issues

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November 12, 2018 18:56 By Fabiosa

Everyone has lots of both positive and negative habits. Whether we want it or not, all of them are part of our everyday life.

Have you ever wondered why you start biting a pen or playing with your hair?

7 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Point To Mental Health Issues

Experts claim that this is showing that we have subconscious fears and other psychological problems. Even the most harmless habits might shed some light on your personality.

7 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Point To Mental Health Issues

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7 habits which might point to mental health issues

1. You bite a pen or a pencil (worst case – nails!)

Your problem: Perfectionism 

When exposed to severe stress (chronic or contextual), a lot of people tend to bite some objects or even nails. Do you recall doing that? According to experts, the reason for this is the lack of confidence in your achievements. Also, you don't accept any result other than perfect.

Psychologists' advice: You need to realize that done is better than perfect!

2. You play with your hair or twiddle the buttons on your clothes

Your problem: Lack of confidence in your own actions

If during an important conversation (speaking to your boss, for instance) you are constantly touching your hair or clothes, it might signify that you can't make the right choice, so you are trying out different ways of behaving.

Psychologists' advice: You need to learn how to relax! While you are thinking everything through, your life passes by.

3. You rip off or cut off the labels on clothes and bottles

Your problem: Desperate need for consistency

If you constantly get the urge to rip off some labels, it might mean that you can't come to terms with what you have and therefore you feel extremely uncomfortable. 

Psychologist's advice: Allow yourself to change and find harmony in your life.

4. You spend way too much time on social media

Your problem: Need for praise and appreciation

The desire to replace your real life with a virtual one means you seek everyone's approval. This leads to trying to draw audience's attention in every way possible.

Psychologists' advice: Try to reduce the time spent at the computer by dedicating it to the people nearest to you.

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5. You raid your fridge at night

7 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Point To Mental Health Issues

Your problem: Unawareness of own needs

As explained by psychologists, "night munching" shows that the person is neglectful of themselves and their needs. Moreover, they compare themselves to others all the time.

Psychologists' advice: Stop paying so much attention to other people's achievements. Find your own way!

6. You tend to make impulse purchases

Your problem: Overly sensitive

Experts say that uncontrollable shopping addiction may be a sign that a person feels a void. Buying things you don't need helps to cope with loneliness and lack of attention.

Psychologists' advice: Find a hobby and learn to finish what you started.

7. You mindlessly watch whatever is on TV

7 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Point To Mental Health Issues

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Your problem: Aspiring to find a solution

If you watch all the seasons of your favorite TV show over and over again in an attempt to kill time, then you are most likely just tired of the fast pace of life. The heightened sense of danger and the fear of change makes us want to back out and hide like little kids until all the problems just go away.

Psychologists' advice: Share your problems with your close people. They can definitely help you find a way out of this situation.

Habits form a huge part of our personality. That's why it's time to get down to business. If you replace bad habits with good ones, your life will instantly start to change for the better.

What do you do, when you feel really stressed and unhappy with your life? How do you deal with such negative feelings? Share your experience in the comments!

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The information in this article has purely informational purposes and does not replace a consultation with a certified professional.