Beware Of Pedicure! 7 Procedures That Are Not As Safe As You Might Think

Date August 17, 2018 11:33

Which woman would refuse a professional pedicure at a beauty salon? After all, it's so nice when your feet are taken care of: you get your toenails and heels treated, you get a foot massage with oils and creams. Who would refuse the unmatched lightness that you get only after these procedures? However, you should keep some things in mind while trusting your feet to a professional, so that the pleasures don’t turn into problems.

Viral infections

Before starting the procedure make sure that your beauty specialist is healthy, the tools have been properly processed and the chair – cleaned after the previous client. The fact is, viruses live for several hours, and in the confinement of a beauty salon, they have nowhere else to go, except onto a new victim. Therefore, make sure you spend these couple of hours in a healthy environment.

Leg shaving

Experts advise getting a pedicure not earlier than a day after shaving your legs. A blade leaves micro-cuts on your skin, which can welcome infectious agents and bacteria from an insufficiently sterilized tool or beautician’s hands. Trust us, by trying to make a good impression on a pedicurist, you are jeopardizing your health.


A very important point, if you don’t want to get a fungal infection, hepatitis or other diseases! You have the right to ask the beautician to show and tell you how the instruments have been sterilized or to unpack the new ones in front of you. If you doubt the cleanliness of salon tools, bring your own - it's even better and more reliable.

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Corn removal

The usual procedure can turn into a nightmare with nasty consequences in the form of wounds and infections, if the beautician uses too coarse graters, doesn’t consider the condition of your skin, blood circulation or diseases. Alternatively, you can use special feet care products, which soften the skin and facilitate the gradual removal of corns.

Cuticle cutting

Modern pedicurists prefer to abandon this rather traumatic procedure because the cuticle serves to protect the nail. A damaged or infected cuticle can adversely affect the appearance of the nail. Therefore, it is better to gently move the cuticle aside with a special tool.

Foot baths


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It is better to avoid jet tubs, as it is difficult to guarantee the absence of bacteria in the water. Go to salons, which use traditional foot baths, which allow for convenient washing and disinfection.

Also, forget about soaking your feet for too long, especially if your legs tend to swell. Prolonged exposure to water can promote cracking, which is a gateway for infections.

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Diseases of the feet

At the slightest signs of disease, you need to stop getting pedicures. If you have diabetes, you may have a predisposition to feet ulcers. And an open wound is an entrance point for infectious agents, which may lead to very serious consequences.

Also, causative agents of such a serious disease as phlegmon (acute diffuse inflammation of the soft tissues) can get through the tiniest cuts and cracks. If the skin has been damaged, immediately take preventive measures, don’t neglect it!

We hope that you read these tips in time, and your next trip to a beauty salon will bring you nothing but pleasure!

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