From Water To Corn: Times For Different Foods To Digest

Date August 20, 2018

Nutrition is an important process in the life of every person. And many people are mistaken when they take their meals at a computer desk or turn on the TV while eating. So, a person pays attention not to his meal, but to the entertainment.

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It is well accepted to eat in the kitchen, concentrating on your food. You need to chew the food thoroughly, trying not to drink too much liquid in the process, so that the food can be digested.

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Not all foodstuffs are digested equally. For example, water enters into the intestine immediately. But fruit and vegetable juices do after 15-20 minutes. A human body needs 3 hours to digest nuts!

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Taking into account these facts, you can figure out the best way to plan your day in order to distribute physical activity and nutrition correctly.

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We suggest considering the information visually to understand how long it takes for different products to be digested. Study it carefully, or even better - print or save it in your bookmarks!

As you can see, the difference between foodstuffs can be very large, so you should keep these features in mind for your diet plan. What does food digestion depend on? First, on processing or cooking.

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Second, on the temperature of the meal. Third, on the time you eat. For example, food is digested best at lunchtime, but the process slows down in the morning and in the evening. And fourth, one of the most important factors is food mixing. 

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If you mix foods digested in different amounts of time, for example, buckwheat cereal (2 hours) with boiled vegetables (40 minutes), then you need to consider both products characteristics.

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Treat your meal carefully and responsibly. You do not need to saturate your diet with poorly digestible fatty foods. Choose proper nutrition, carefully choosing not only a tasty but also a healthy diet! 

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