5 Mistakes That Give Away Unwise People

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December 6, 2018 17:04 By Fabiosa

All people have their own level of intelligence. However, it is very difficult to self-assess your abilities since we evaluate ourselves in completely different ways. While many people consider themselves smart, their thoughts are actually irrational and unwise. How can you find out your intelligence level? Today, we want to introduce you 5 signs that distinguish smart people from unwise ones.

5 Mistakes That Give Away Unwise PeopleAlex_Po / Shutterstock.com

Sign 1: Blaming others for their mistakes

Everyone may have something go wrong or not go according to plan. A smart person will accept it, relax, and think how to solve the problem. An unwise person would prefer to blame others for his or her mistakes. Such people have no desire to take responsibility for their mishaps – it is much easier for them to be sympathetic to their own problems.

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Sign 2: Considering yourself always right

There is nothing wrong with defending your own opinion, providing there is a logical argument. Clever people don’t like conflict, but they aren’t against hearing their interlocutor and considering another point of view. At the same time, the unwise person will hardly ever accept different opinions. Such people are used to defending their point of view, even though they hear really persuasive things. For them, it is very important to end up victorious, since unwise people consider their opinion not subject to doubts.

Sign 3: High opinion of your abilities

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a common thing among unwise people. Poorly qualified personalities consider themselves smarter than they really are. They want to show off their intellect, which is sometimes completely inappropriate. Such people consider themselves much better than others and try to remind all about it, even if there are no reasonable proof thereof.

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Sign 4: Misusing words

Nothing undermines credibility during a conversation more than the use of words that don’t match the context. Before you insert a smart phrase, you should clearly understand when it should be applied. People who operate with unknown terms unsuccessfully, trying to seem smarter, will only cause bewilderment.

Sign 5: Bias

Unwise people adore buzzing about life, wasting their own time. They are unable to accept someone else’s opinion or advice; they aren’t ready to look at the world differently. They are biased to judgments different from their own and don’t want to learn new things.

Remember, you can develop your mind, but the main thing is to learn to see your flaws and strive to correct them. What do you think about it? Have you ever noticed other traits showing an unwise person? Share your experience in the comments.

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