7 Signs That You Don’t Respect Yourself

Date December 3, 2018 08:52

We often strive to achieve an immaculate reputation in society and ensure others respect us. At the same time, have we considered how we treat ourselves? Also with respect, or is it with indifference and disregard?

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7 signs indicating you pushed your well-being into the background

1. You ignore your health

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As a rule, those who are indifferent to themselves don’t have time to go to a doctor. They get an appointment only when they can no longer endure pain.

Self-respecting people care about their health, eat properly, and exercise regularly. Remember, nobody will give you a second body. Forget the excuses about your family and work – you can visit a doctor on weekends.

2. You do what you don’t enjoy

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You work and don’t enjoy it; live in hateful relationships; communicate with people who suck your energy. It is high time to put an end to the cycle. Life isn’t a draft that can be rewritten. Do only what you like, and minimize the unpleasantries.

3. You give up your opinion to please others

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Self-sufficient people have their own point of view. They won’t please others if they disagree. Whether they like it or not, people will have to accept you are a person with your own interests, opinions and beliefs. Don’t change yourself under any circumstances. Don’t say “yes” when your heart screams “no.”

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4. You gossip

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Is it difficult to avoid discussing others? It's tempting to talk about a colleague’s salary and a neighbor’s new husband. Congratulations, you have given up on yourself! You don’t respect yourself so much that you find it more pleasant to delve into others' personal lives and discuss scandals and intrigues with friends. Remember, you can spend this time much more fruitfully! Instead of discussing rumors, direct your energy to thinking about your own weekend, future vacations, and something much more pleasant.

5. You speak badly about yourself

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You reproach yourself for every failure, and you don’t notice your successes. A small mishap and you start blaming yourself in everything. If this is you, stop it immediately! Forbid yourself to talk about your life in a negative way. On the contrary, praise yourself for literally anything.

6. You don’t know how to accept compliments

Learn to be grateful for the compliments you receive. If a colleague has noted your beautiful dress, don’t be embarrassed and behave like you don’t deserve it. Instead, smile and say “thank you!” You are an adult and self-sufficient woman who knows her worth.

7. You compare yourself with others

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Comparison creates jealousy. It is a destructive feeling that lowers self-esteem and worsens mood. It makes more sense to compare your present and past “versions.” Being jealous of other people’s achievements won’t bring you the understanding how hard they worked to reach it. Focus on your positive sides and listen to your heart.

What do you think, do you respect yourself fully? Do you have something to work on? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments!

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