Depressed Obese Man Lost 100 Lb Just To Be Able To Play With His Little Son

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December 6, 2018 19:30 By Fabiosa

Excess weight is a problem many people suffer from. Some accept it and don’t strive to change anything; others reevaluate their life and start pushing for a healthy and beautiful body. It may also happen when you desperately want to show your offenders you can be different and will achieve your dream regardless of anything.

It is common knowledge that women are inclined to get complexes because of their appearance. However, men are also prone to shame of their body condition. For example, Adam Molloy, whose fatherhood made him reconsider his lifestyle.

The attractive young man had gradually weight and didn’t even notice how quickly he increased in size. Eventually, thoughts about changing himself surfaced after his son’s birth. At that time, he already weighed 295 lb. He felt insecure since he had to buy shapeless clothes and was afraid of breaking his own bed.

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However, the decisive factor was different. Adam was overwhelmed by his extra weight when he was spending time with his son. Boys are usually very active, and the obese man couldn’t keep up with his kid.

In 2017, he joined the Slimming World group, whose specialists develop helpful diets and provide emotional support to everyone who is fighting against obesity. The secret of Adam’s success turned out to be quite simple: healthy food and positive thinking did him wonders.

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We all know that obesity affects physical condition and contributes to the development of diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and a number of other diseases. However, few are aware that it also affects mood, self-perception, and relationships with others. Reduced self-esteem sometimes leads to depression and various eating disorders. Extra pounds don’t contribute to an energetic lifestyle­­ – one of the main components of a joyful life.

How do they affect relationships with others? Shape magazine specialists analyzed this probability by the example of Rob Kardashian, who had disappeared not only from the popular reality show but also from his surroundings for a while. They suggested that while his sisters were working on themselves, he continued to gain weight and deliberately refrain from publicity, trying to cope with self-discontent. When we notice excess body weight, we become ashamed to appear not only in front of our close ones but also ourselves. This will eventually have hardly any positive effect on relationships with others.

Adam Molloy dropped 100 lbs – almost a third of his original weight. He began to look much younger than before, even though 5 years have passed since his last photo as an obese man.

Are there any similar inspiring examples among your friends? Share your experience in the comments!

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