From Obese Nerd To Handsome Macho Man: Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

Date December 5, 2018 16:22

Life would be much easier if people had access to magic – any extra weight would be eradicated in just a blink of an eye. However, in reality, any achievements are invariably associated not only with our desires but also with great efforts. Do you really want to lose weight? It’s high time to give up bad habits, stick to a proper nutrition plan, and take up exercise. Michael, for example, has lost 130 lb since 2015! Incredible self-discipline.

Can you imagine that he used to wear 5XL and now only XL? Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Here are some of his motivational photos.

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He began his weight loss journey with a vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, this doesn’t mean he didn’t make any personal efforts!

On the contrary, Michael decided not just to lose weight, but also to become a handsome macho man, spending most of his free time in the gym to bring his body to perfection.

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He has even got a motivational T-shirt that doesn’t allow him to leave the gym until it is completely wet:

You can go home now.

Apart from that, following a healthy diet is an integral part of any weight loss, since right food is the foundation for normalization of metabolism.

However, should only the body be perfect? Michael seriously engaged in his appearance as well. He has drastically changed his image. Take a look at his photos at ages 30 and 41.

You need to love and take care of yourself. Fortunately, this guy managed to understand it in time. If you worry about your excess weight, it is time to start working on yourself. You can begin with eliminating your bad habits and developing a necessary nutrition plan. Don’t underestimate your efforts! Take care of your health to live a long and happy life with a beautiful and fit body.

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