“Lady Sasquatch”: 32-Year-Old Mother Learned To Embrace Her Hairiness And Found True Love

Date January 31, 2019

Unfavorable hair on a woman’s body has for many years been considered by society as disgraceful. However, with the recent trend of loving your body as is, more and more women are abandoning shaving or waxing in favor of going "au naturel." We have already talked about Lourdes Leon and Makenzie Green and their armpits. Our heroine of today, 32-year-old Dana, is known in social networks as “Lady Sasquatch.” After several years of struggling with increased hair growth all over her body, she finally accepted herself as she is.

She started shaving her legs when she was 8. After that, she had to wait for several hours of treatment and constantly irritated skin, even on her fingers. She always felt “prickly” and terribly insecure.

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A few years earlier, Steve, Dana's partner, realizing how much time she spent for him in the bathroom, suggested she stop removing hair at least briefly. The subsequent story was published on Metro.

It was really scary at first because I knew my family and strangers would judge me. Once I got over my insecurities and was more comfortable in my skin, it definitely was liberating.

Dana shows her children and everybody around that people are different and need to be accepted as they are. Every time she hears jokes that she is a living snowman, she has a hearty laugh, but nothing more.

Dana had overcome her main fear: she didn’t seem less attractive to Steve just because her legs were as hairy as his.

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The girl’s condition is caused by a rather rare disease that some women happen to suffer from – hirsutism. Nicole Jardim, a specialist in the field of hormonal disorders, also shared her thoughts on the matter.

I still trim it, thread it, and tweeze it every day. I am still working on self-acceptance, but I worry much less about the hair. I stopped financially investing time and money into it. I am who I am on the inside whether or not I have hirsutism.

If you have hirsutism, whether or not you decide to remove your body hair is totally your call. But what I would invite you to do is to love yourself, hair and all.

Hirsutism is enhanced female hair growth, close to that of a male's. The condition is characterized by dense dark hair in the armpits, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, and face, caused by heredity or excessive male hormones. It can be accompanied by acne, seborrhea, irregular menstrual cycle, and even an increase in muscle mass.

Other medical reasons for the development of hirsutism include:

  • polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • Cushing's syndrome;
  • congenital adrenal hyperplasia;
  • certain medications;
  • obesity;
  • neoplasms in the adrenal glands or ovaries.

The main problem is that it is difficult to prevent the development of and completely cure this condition. You can deal with unfavorable hair by its permanent removal or hormonal therapy aimed at reducing male hormones, but the effect will eventually disappear after you stop the treatment.

Hirsutism isn’t a life-threatening condition, although it can influence your lifestyle due to psychological discomfort. However, today’s heroine showed that it is possible to find harmony and happiness regardless of how much hair is on your body. You just need to accept yourself for both your merits and drawbacks.

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