Model With Alien Appearance Took London Fashion Week By Storm!

Date January 22, 2019

Beauty is a very subjective concept. A person’s appearance can envoke completely contrasting emotions and feelings in people. At the same time, different time periods had their own beauty standards that fashionable women sought to follow. And there have always been a few rare instances where one person's atypical appearance easily knocked out the masses.


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London Fashion Week has recently witnessed a very unusual model. First of all, she doesn’t quite reach the model industry standards – she is only 4 feet 12 inch tall. Secondly, her face resembles the heroes of the Avatar film: slanted eyes, flat nose, duck-like lips. The unusual model with an "alien appearance" took the catwalk by storm!

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Публикация от @tsunaina

Soon, it became known that the girl isn’t a professional model, but actually a musician. Her name is Tsunaina. She was born in Hong Kong but soon moved to London.

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She loves singing and expresses all her emotions through stories set to music. Tsunaina prefers to stay alone with her inner world, finding a balance between the familiar and the new.


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The girl is popular on Instagram, with already more than 260,000 subscribers. However, she doesn’t just share her photos. She accompanies them with paintings and landscapes, conveying her mood.


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What do you think about Tsunaina? Were you surprised with such an atypical beauty? Do you think Tsunaina’s appearance can become the benchmark of podiums? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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