Modest Chubber And Attractive Angel Immediately Stole The Scene. Guess Who Attracted More Attention?

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December 17, 2018 14:11 By Fabiosa

We are already used to seeing slim and fit dancers. Their flexibility and grace allow them to create unbelievable performances on the stage that won’t allow you to sit still and avoid dancing yourself!

However, don’t make any foregone conclusions. Take a look at this guy! His name is Aoniken Quiroga, and he is a dancing genius!

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You still have doubts? Of course, his slightly overweight body can make an impression of a person who doesn’t do anything but waste his time on a couch. However, it won't take much to convince you otherwise. Aoniken’s partner, Alejandra Mantinan, is completely contrasted to him: she is fit and slim. However, it didn’t prevent them from dancing together for many years, touring around the world, and conquering audiencea with their incredible performances.

If you thought up to this point that obesity and ballroom dancing are incompatible, Aoniken is ready to prove the opposite. Enjoy the unique moving technique this couple invented to make the public adore them!

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Many Internet users admitted that, at first, they didn’t believe the couple would be so impressive. After watching a few of their performances, they completely changed their opinion.

It is rare that the viewer's eye stays with the (lead) male dancer, one usually always follows the lady - in this case, I could not take my eyes off him!!!

Bravo!!!!!  Amazing dancers!!!

Amazing! Can't stop watching again and again.

Just take a look of the mesmerizing dances by this unusual couple.

We wonder why aren’t you dancing with them?

These dancers prove you should never be in a hurry to make conclusions and put labels on people. We hope Aoniken and Alejandra will continue delighting us with their other incredible dances.

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