Most Hateful Phrase The Majority Of Men Are Afraid Of

Date November 14, 2018 14:55

As the saying goes – men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We reflect and interpret the world around us in different ways, so it’s not always easy to understand each other’s feelings.

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If one says something harmless at first glance, another can perceive it with much indignation and anger.

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If you want to build a strong relationship, you must know what you should avoid saying your partner.

However, among all the possible annoying words, men hate one phrase more than all others:

We need to talk!

What can be so terrible in these words? Surprisingly, this phrase has caused many couples to break up. Those men who were lucky enough to preserve the relationship are afraid of these words the most.

This phrase causes alarm, tension, panic, a million guesses, and conjectures. 89% of men assume the worst when they hear this phrase from their partners. First of all, it doesn’t help them calm down and resolve the issue peacefully. If you still need to start a conversation, it is better to go another route. If you abandon this phrase and proceed straight to the point, the dialogue will be more productive and pleasant.

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By the way, during an argument, women generally tend to behave more aggressively, while men try to avoid open conflicts. If you want to talk and solve all the questions here and now, there is a high probability that your partner isn’t ready for that yet. In this situation, the phrase “We need to talk!” will sound frightening for him.

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Always remember that it is much more difficult for men to find the right words to express their feelings. Usually, they need more time to sort out their thoughts and examine the situation. You shouldn’t start the conversation unless your partner is ready for this.

And here are 5 other phrases that men don’t like:

  1. Do whatever you want.
  2. My ex would never do that.
  3. You never ...
  4. Do you really love me?
  5. I think you shouldn’t be friends with him/her.

It only seems that men are less sensitive than women, but in reality, it is vice versa. They can suffer a lot, even though they skillfully hide their emotions.

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