Pads Or Tampons? What Is Better For Feminine Hygiene

Date February 8, 2019

During menstruation, women often choose the means that make them feel most comfortable in specific conditions. For example, tampons are actively used during a beach vacation, while on a typical day, when there is no need to go anywhere, you will be more likely to choose pads.

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However, is it the way you should choose hygiene products? We decided to find out what is better – pads or tampons.

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  • perfectly suited to people who don’t want to experience discomfort from inserting the tampon, as well as those who believe that a tampon can “get lost” inside;
  • made of absorbent material;
  • can’t cause toxic shock syndrome, but if you forget to change them on time (every 3-4 hours, unless during sleep), there is a risk of facing other infections;
  • the main advantage is convenience and comfort during sleep, while you aren’t recommended to do this with a tampon.


  • even though you think that using a pad is comfortable, every time you undress to go to the toilet, it will shift a little, causing leakage and soiled clothes;
  • not suitable for swimming and engaging in active sports;
  • unable to wear tight-fitting clothes, with no opportunity to wear seductive underwear, since the wings need to be tightly grasped by the fabric.
  • needs to be changed more often than tampons (every 3-4 hours).


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  • no wet sensation;
  • made of absorbent material;
  • gives freedom of movement and the opportunity to engage in active sports;
  • unaware of it if inserted correctly;
  • needs to be changed every 4 hours.

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  • discomfort during insertion;
  • wrong size will make leakage unavoidable;
  • easy to be forgotten, leading to possible infections unless changed timely;
  • not recommended to sleep with it in;
  • bears a risk of toxic shock syndrome.

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After reviewing all the advantages and disadvantages of both products for hygiene, we can’t advise you on any particular one. Both products are good and safe if you follow the rules of their use, change them in a timely fashion, and pay attention to how your body reacts to them.

Pads Or Tampons? What Is Better For Feminine HygieneStudio KIWI /

Since we talked about the benefits of each, now you know about their specific purpose: you need to sleep with a pad but swim only with a tampon. Consider the features of your body and a level of activity when choosing the feminine hygiene product to forget about discomfort.

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