Plus-Size Model Recreated Kim Kardashian’s Pictures To Prove You Don’t Need To Be Slim To Be Beautiful

Date March 12, 2019

Kim Kardashian has definitely got a unique figure: she has voluptuous breasts, lavish hips, yet at the same time she can boast of a thin waist. However, there is an easy explanation for her immaculate body shape: the celebrity went through several plastic surgeries. Worst of all, modern youth aspires to this “beauty standard.” A 22-year-old girl named Diana Sirokai decided to recreate Kim’s photos to show that any body can be beautiful. You just need to love yourself!

Social networks was always a source of self-doubt for the girl:

Instagram has always made me feel insecure. All I could see were these amazing bodies that we idolize, and I felt like I couldn’t post in bikinis because I don’t look like that.

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Now, Diana has eventually changed her entire outlook on life. She loves herself and accepts her body as is.

I have so many imperfections but I won't hide because of them. 

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Diana decided to recreate Kardashian’s photos to show everyone has the right to share such pictures on social networks. Regardless of size and shape, all girls are beautiful!

We are both women with different bodies.

Fans don’t stop paying Diana tons of compliments:


Beautiful smile


Just lovely and gorgeous


Breathtaking Beautiful❤️😍💯🌹❤️

Diana also recreated some of Gigi Hadid’s photos.

Diana has racked up 756,000 subscribers, most of whom are admirers of her body shape and lifestyle. What about you? Do you support the unusual beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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