She Used To Weigh 37 Pounds Before Treatment. How Does She Feel 2 Months Afterwards?

Date November 27, 2018 10:36

Many people think that anorexia is a disease only models can suffer from. Moreover, some even think it isn’t a real condition. They think that the girls, who hope to lose weight to the cherished parameters, invented themselves this “ailment” to justify the outcome.

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However, doctors recognize anorexia as a neuropsychiatric disorder, when the patient completely loses appetite to achieve a certain body condition. In such a case, a person loses touch with reality and ceases to perceive the body appropriately.

The weight can be reduced so critically that the functioning of many body systems is impaired. In addition to depression, a person has problems with muscle and bone tissues, edema, constipation, and even abdominal distention. In severe cases, internal organs may also be damaged. If a patient fails to ask for help in time, a fatal outcome is possible.

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26-year-old Christina, whom we talked about just a couple of months ago, was also trapped with anorexia. The girl’s weight reached a critical point 37 lbs. We would never have known about her if it wasn't for popular blogger Maria who also used to suffer from anorexia.


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Christina was even joking about herself that she could star in horror movies.

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It turns out that Christina’s nutritional problems started at 9. At that age, she felt full after only an apple a day. After getting older, she even started to forget to eat. When Maria learned about Christina, the girl’s health condition was critical: she urgently needed treatment.


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Thanks to Maria, thousands of the blogger’s subscribers learned about Christina and began to collect funds for the necessary treatment.


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It’s too early to talk about major successes, but Christina has already gained a few pounds and now weighs almost 45 lbs, which is very important if you remember her critical point. The girl has been under medical supervision for 2 months and is currently undergoing intensive treatment. She feels well and intends not to give up in this difficult struggle.

We hope Christina’s recovery will be steady and successful since the most difficult part is already behind her. Support these girls in their challenge; share this article with others, and maybe they will donate additional resources for Christina’s treatment.

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