Smooth Face After Sleep: How To Avoid Morning Wrinkles

Date January 28, 2019

As you probably know, wrinkles appear due to loss of collagen and skin elasticity. Here, excessive muscular activity is also an important factor. If you often laugh or squint, this contributes to early aging. However, the most unpredictable way to get unnecessary wrinkles on your face is sleep! How can you have a rest at night without provoking your face to become wrinkled? Today, we will tell you the secret.

Sleep on your back

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Sleeping on the side may look comfortable, but puts pressure on the facial skin, forming wrinkles. In order to avoid it, learn to sleep on your back. Although at first, it will be difficult, you will get used to it over time!

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Use night cream

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When you sleep, your skin is still at work, regenerating itself. If you want to help it and look younger, use a recovery night cream. First, be sure to clean the skin from makeup before applying the cream. In this way, you will slow down the aging process and help your skin to cope with its responsibilities.

Use coconut oil

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If you are a fan of natural remedies, use coconut oil. However, do it only as a mask, followed by a moisturizer. This oil perfectly restores the skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Get enough sleep

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To recover well, the body needs 7 to 9 hours' sleep a day. During sleep, the body secretes melanin, which strengthens the immune system and slows down aging.

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Change bedding

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If you feel you can’t sleep on your back, you need to lighten the load on your face by picking pillowcases of softer material. Your head and face will literally “slip” as it meets less resistance, thereby getting less damage during sleep.

Buy a special pillow

They are designed to reduce skin contact with the pillow surface, making them good for your skin.

Don’t forget about vitamin A

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Vitamin A helps your skin become smoother, fixes its tone and texture, increases its density, reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, and decreases the depth of pronounced wrinkles. Retinol is a strong agent that can cause irritation, so consult a specialist before using it.

These simple rules will help you take care of your skin as efficiently as possible. They will make your sleep not only strong and calm, but also provide utmost protection from annoying wrinkles.

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