So Few Of Us Left! 7 Principles Of A Truly Decent Person

Date February 5, 2019

A decent person is someone who does the right thing, regardless of whether someone finds out about it or not. These people are characterized by unbreakable moral principles and integrity. They are kind and reliable. Being close to them, we also become better.

How to surround yourself with such people? How to know that a person is decent? Today, we have prepared 7 signs to help you figure it out.

Signs of a decent person

1. Honesty

A decent person is honest in all the trifles. Even a small lie is unacceptable. In addition, these people are open not only to others but also to themselves.


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2. Modesty

Such people can be proud of their achievements and have a complete right to do so. They clearly see the line between “confidence” and “arrogance” and never step over it.

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3. Gratitude

These people are always grateful for what they have. Since everybody around is a part of their world, it is visibly reflected on them. A decent person will always say “thank you” for the smallest help. They understand that everyone deserves respect and gratitude: a waiter in a cafe, a bank employee, and even a child who smiled at them.


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4. Enjoys others’ successes

A decent person never gets jealous. He is happy for others and their achievements. Unfortunately, a lot of people act differently.

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5. Understands others’ misfortunes

A decent person will never devalue another's feelings. On the contrary, such people will always show support and care.

6. Helpful

Decent people help their partners, relatives, and just everybody around. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a volunteer? Time to sign up! 

7. Reliable

You can always rely on such person. Decent people always fulfill their obligations. If they know they can’t keep their word, they simply don’t promise it.


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Do you want others to perceive you as a decent human being? Keep a list of these principles nearby and reflect on them from time to time. Such people build a better world around us, so it’s important not to let them go extinct!

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