Statistics Don't Lie: Women In Their 70s Are The Happiest

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February 8, 2019 13:15 By Fabiosa

The older the woman is, the harder she tries to hide her real age: she cares for her body more, uses the tricks of “rejuvenating” makeup, changes her dressing style. For some reason, we think that over the years there are fewer reasons for happiness and joy, but experts are sure of the opposite.

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According to research, people become more positively minded with age: they recall pleasant moments from the past; appreciate positive experiences, new acquaintances, and impressions more; and are less anxious. Among the respondents were women and men aged 18 to 85. The happiest turned out to be the youngest and those who have already turned 70.

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Explaining why this is happening is scientifically difficult. People are probably starting to feel more grateful for what they have achieved and are able to more effectively control their emotions. In addition, over the years, the number of their duties decreases, giving them time for rest, taking up hobbies, and experiencing new things.

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It is believed that the most stressful is the period from 45 to 59 years. At this time, not only women, but also men experience severe stress: age-related changes in appearance, the need to let adult children go, care of elderly parents, and a decrease in career expectations. Apart from that, in such difficult period, beautiful women are less susceptible to stress than men. The happiest among adults were the pensioners (even those working) at the age of 65-79.

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Over the years, women become more self-confident: they know the value of what they have achieved in the past and are no longer fear criticism from others. Many concerns turn out to be insignificant.

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We are constantly in a hurry and always work for the future: we are improving living conditions, saving money, planning everything for the years ahead. The lives of elderly people aren’t so rich. They have the opportunity to focus on today's possibilities and needs. They have wisdom that comes with experience: they know exactly what positive emotions brings them, and can make a conscious choice in its favor.

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We used to associate old age with loss. Over the years, health, beloved partners, social activity, and life importance goes. After 50, people already know their strengths and weaknesses, can adapt to them, discard unrealistic expectations, and stop thinking about an alternative future.

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You don’t need to be afraid of old age. Moreover, it is worth waiting for it. Of course, over the years, we don’t become more attractive, healthy, or energetic, but age helps us rethink things and start looking easily at what is happening. Doesn’t it give a feeling of carefree happiness like in youth? What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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