5 Signs That Prove You Are Of Noble Blood

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October 11, 2018 15:55 By Fabiosa

If you want to become a real lady, like Queen Elizabeth II, you need to have a noble origin or certain qualities. We have compiled a list of basic features that would indicate there have been aristocrats in your family. If you are sure you aren’t of royal origin, we prepared for you a list of things that you can develop in order to pass for nobility.

Main features of an aristocrat

1. Pale skin and “blue” blood


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Dark skin was peasants’ feature since they worked under the sun a lot. Their skin gradually darkened and became wrinkled. Aristocrats, on the contrary, had pale skin, rested in the shade during the day and visited various social events in the evening. The most popular way to hide skin defects and whiten it was lead powder. Those who overindulged in it suffered terrible consequences.

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2. Beautiful hands and thin, long fingers

Thanks to thin, long fingers, the children used to play the piano skillfully. Due to the lack of work, their hands were really tender.

3. Straight posture

Since childhood, aristocrats have been taught to walk properly. A straight back is the first thing others paid attention to.

4. Small foot size

A minute foot is another feature shared by the aristocracy.

5. Love for long conversations

Aristocrats were educated people, and since there was little entertainment they loved long conversations and philosophical discourse about life.

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Qualities of an aristocrat

If you didn’t happen to fall into the category of aristocrats, you might easily develop some of the qualities necessary to pass for a noble person.

1. Literate speech

Noble people knew how to talk wisely, so their speech was first of all correct and respectful. A lady of high society will never be obscene. She is always sweet, courteous, and doesn’t tolerate others being rude to her.

2. Good education

Royalties have always been well brought up. Such people never gesticulate but are always modest and know how to present themselves in the society.

3. Good taste

Ladies of noble origins have good taste. They know the rules of etiquette that relate to clothing. No mini-dresses and Kim-Kardashian-like outfits. Forget about bright accessories. Minimalism is your new friend.

4. The ability to find a common language with others

Many aristocrats are able to keep the conversation. They can find common ground with anyone. At the same time, they never brag about their knowledge and don’t correct anyone.

5. Respect for privacy

The noble person will never intrude into anyone’s comfort zone. They won’t ask other people uncomfortable questions. And, of course, they will never insist on doing something that a person dislikes.

If you don’t have any aristocratic roots, don’t be disappointed. You can always follow these rules and make a worthy competition to real nobles.

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