Chinese Palmistry: What Does The Shape Of Your Hand Mean?

Date October 15, 2018 13:22

Chinese palmists claim that the shape of people’s hands can describe their character and also predict their future. Wonder if it is true? Let’s check it out? Take a look at the following types and find out what they can mean!

Chinese Palmistry: What Does The Shape Of Your Hand Mean?

Chinese have already got used to relating the shape of their hands to the Elements of the Universe. There are five types in total: Fire, Water, Tree, Metal, and Earth. Which one is yours?

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1. Hand of the Fire Element

Description: outstretched palm with long fingers and inexpressive knuckles.

Personal characteristics: the owners of “fiery” hands are incredibly energetic and ambitious. Such people got used to thinking a lot and fast, so it is very difficult for them to fall asleep. As soon as these people enter the room, everything around them starts to sparkle. The owners of “fiery” palms tend to make instant decisions because they always know exactly what they want and how to achieve it.

2. Hand of the Earth Element

Description: wide palm with short fingers.

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Personal characteristics: these people are modest and shy by nature. Owners of “earth” hands are tied to their roots. No matter how high they rise, they never forget their relatives. The representatives of the Earth element are polite interlocutors, diligent workers, and loyal friends. People with such hands are very sociable but open up only in a familiar company.

3. Hand of the Metal Element

Description: square palm with fingers of the same shape.

Personal characteristics: the owners of “metal” hands often become leaders, because they have excellent analytical abilities. Moreover, they are very enterprising. Such people sharply react to any injustice, so in their decisions, they always try to base on facts and not on speculation. The representatives of the Metal element know themselves and have a good knowledge of people. They are able to do several things at once. In stressful situations, they stay calm and confident.

4. Hand of the Water Element

Description: oval palm and short fingers.

Personal characteristics: the owners of “water” hands are extremely talented and readily adapt to changing conditions. Although such people are observant, they never hear a harsh word. Keeping in touch with them is simple, as they are tolerant of other people’s shortcomings. Representatives of the Water element don’t like to talk in vain and are able to keep other people’s secrets for years.

5. Hand of the Tree Element

Description: long palm with slender fingers and prominent knuckles.

Personal characteristics: people with “wooden” hands seem to live in their own world while creating real masterpieces. There are a lot of artists among them. The owners of “wooden” hands find it extremely hard to fall in love. If this happens, they devote themselves to the relationship entirely. Representatives of the Tree element are stubborn and hot-tempered, but they are extraordinarily kind.

Do you agree with the opinion of the Chinese palmists? How true is the description of your hand shape? Share your opinion in the comments!

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