29-Year-Old Australian Lost All Her Toes After The Failed Fish Pedicure

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September 20, 2018 15:42 By Fabiosa

Every year, beauty salons come up with new services and treatments to attract customers. Today, few people will be surprised with fish pedicure, but it still has great popularity among both women and men. At the same time, not everyone understands what kind of danger it may have on your health.


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In 2010, during the vacation in Thailand, 29-year-old Australian Victoria Curthoys decided to make a spa-procedure when Garra rufa fish bite off dead skin of your feet.

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Four years before, the girl had already had one of her finger amputated after she stepped on the glass and infected the wound.

The consequences were disastrous: because of the exotic pedicure, Victoria lost all fingers on her leg. This time, the contamination was caused by dirty water in the aquarium.

When I was in Thailand, I decided to make a popular fish pedicure. I didn’t think about the consequences, because the equipment looked clean. Boy, was I ever wrong!

After returning to Australia, she started feeling bad. Having gone through the examination in the hospital, the girl was diagnosed with osteomyelitis.

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First, Victoria had to amputate the thumb of her right foot, but the symptoms didn’t disappear. As a result, over the next five years, she had all her fingers removed.

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After the last amputation, Curthoys started promoting her social network page and published a photo of her foot to warn other people about the dangers of this procedure.

Victoria is the first to bring in the infection during the beauty procedure. The model Lowrianne Wilson from Wales almost lost her thumb after the failed acrylic build-up in the manicure salon.

The girl developed an abscess. The case turned out to be so severe that she had to undergo surgery to remove the nail.

To avoid similar problems, we recommend you to do a manicure and pedicure only in licensed salons. In addition, before starting the procedure, make sure that the specialist uses sterilized tools and high-quality materials.

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