"Don’t Roll Over For A Man": 16 Sincere Tips On Love

Date November 22, 2018

Love isn’t the chemistry that occurs in the minds of two people who are destined to be together. Stop listening to these useless fairy tales for 15-year-olds! Love is much more complicated and deeper. It requires great effort to make decisions and take responsibility for your own and your beloved one’s lives. Luckily, many experts have already lived through all the difficulties of relationships with and without love and can honestly share with you the most precious tips:

1. Opposite people aren’t attracted

Even if you think they are, people with different interests won’t get along together for a long time. There are examples of how people break up after 10 years of marriage, simply realizing they perceive their lives differently.

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2. Consider the actions not the words

A person can talk all the time, how much they love while cheating on you and coming home late without earning a penny. Do you still believe such person may change?

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3. Don’t give a second chance

You don’t have to put up with it endlessly. Have you already given him a chance? Did he use his opportunity? If you feel he failed, break up with him as soon as possible.

4. Love yourself

Only when you perceive love for yourself, you will be able to find the right person. In case you don’t love yourself, how can someone else love you? /

5. Don’t endure a bad relationship to keep a marriage

Nothing is worth your happiness – neither several years together nor three children. Nothing is worth your tears. If you feel bad, go away and become happy without him.

6. “The best sex after the scandal” indicates there are too much of them

Infinite passion and endless emotions sound good only in the first stage of the relationship. Your feelings will soon disappear because family happiness is better to build on mutual understanding and respect.

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7. Respect your partner and yourself

Set specific rules that can’t be violated. Does he give you the opportunity to communicate with your friends? Then, your partner has every right to devote some time to his friends.

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8. Don’t roll over for a man

If you sacrifice everything for him and receive nothing instead, don’t continue such relationship. It will only get worse in the future.

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9. Break up if he doesn’t appreciate you

Insults, abuses, and unreasonable desire to teach are disturbing signs. If a person doesn’t respect you, you will never change him.

10. Avoid relationships with married people

As sad as it may sound, there are very few cases when a man leaves his family for another woman. He either does it at once or never.


11. Do not be afraid to break up

You won’t improve the situation if you think about loneliness without him. If the relationship brings more grief than joy, it definitely has to stop. Become proud and independent, and a desirable man will find you by himself.

12. Jealousy doesn’t mean love

Many men have a very developed sense of ownership. So, don’t be too happy if he is jealous. This can be just a method of control.

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13. Don’t love for something

Love each other as you are: not for beautiful eyes, slender body, or a courageous heart.

14. Don’t try to be everything for each other

You will lose everything this way and will completely dissolve in his world if you forget about yourself.

15. Don’t change yourself to please others

Remember you need to lose weight, get a haircut, and change something in yourself only if you want and not because your partner wants. Think how much he changes for you.

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16. There are no fairy tales

Don’t compare your relationship with those love stories you see in the movies. You have your own story.

We hope these tips will help you build a strong relationship or at least stop the one that brings more disappointment than pleasure.

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