Girl Found Unknown Photos After The Party. It Turned Out Her Boyfriend Took Off Her Make-Up While She Was Deeply Asleep

Date August 28, 2018 17:35

Have you ever slept so deeply that nothing could wake you up? Probably everyone experienced such condition at least once in their lives. If this happens to you in a company of good friends, be ready for all kinds of surprises. What about a quick tattoo on your forehead? Groomed mustaches or a beard? This guy went against the system and decided to show incredible care for his sleeping girlfriend. This must be true love!

Shanika Silverio’s boyfriend named Sagario took care of his beloved one who fell asleep on the way home from the party. What did he do?

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The young man decided it was necessary to wash off her make-up, taking advantage of all the necessary means.

The main thing is that the girl learned about it by accident, after seeing pictures on her phone the next day. He was smart enough to record everything on the camera.

Take a look at how Sagario carefully uses tonic and cream under her eyes.

Shanika Silverio / Twitter 

Moisturizing is a mandatory care component. The boy didn’t forget to wash the girl’s face with micellar water.

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Shanika Silverio / Twitter 

The guy even applied the cuticle conditioner!

Shanika Silverio / Twitter 

Shanika decided to show off her boyfriend’s care on Twitter. Here’s how the internet reacted to the adorable incident:

I am jealous of your eyebrows (and relationships, wow, I thought I had a cool boyfriend).

It seems he did it to prove his love. Respect.

Marry him!

They say love isn’t about a million red roses and expensive cars. It is all about the care. What do you think?

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