How To Choose The Color Of Your Eyebrows According To The Color Of Your Hair

Date August 20, 2018

Even though the natural color of the eyebrows looks the most harmonious, it has always been beneficial to highlight their most expressive features. Moreover, if you have repainted your hair, your eyebrows should also receive the proper treatment.

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In addition to the pencil, eyebrows can be painted with special shadows, ink, and even paint. Today, we will tell you how to choose the color for the eyebrows, to make them suit ideally to the color of your hair.

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Blonde girls should choose a dark shade for their eyebrows.

Brunettes should do vice versa – paint their eyebrows in a lighter tone.

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Brown-haired women with fair skin can opt for dark-gray shades. However, swarthy brunettes should choose black most of the times.

Red-haired girls should paint their eyebrows in a chestnut and terracotta color. However, if your hair is only slightly red, brown shades will be more suitable.

If you have fair hair, but you want to experiment, you can choose a dark shade for the eyebrows. However, this image will look rather provocative, so be ready for the increased attention from the others.

Remember that eyebrows must necessarily fit the chosen color of the hair. If they happen to be drastically different, you will probably look like a circus clown. You can always use the pencil tester to find the perfect shade before buying the product. Take care of your eyebrows, because they are one of the most striking features of your appearance.

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