How To Preserve The Life Of Your Beloved Man: 3 Early Symptoms Indicating Of Prostate Cancer

Date August 20, 2018 11:03

Every man wants to be fearless and strong to protect his family. Most of them conceive their own health problems, not to destroy the “Superman” image in front of their relatives.

Dear women, try to be attentive to your partners. Even the minor changes in the work of their body may influence not only his but also your way of life. Today, we will tell you about the earliest symptoms of prostate cancer so that you can preserve the health of your beloved man.

Main risk factors

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According to the PCF, every eighth person in the US has prostate cancer. Moreover, every 20 minutes, one US citizen dies of this disease.

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The risk factors that increase the chances of developing prostate cancer include:

  • elderly age;
  • age-related hormonal disorders;
  • bad eating habits;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • environmental factors;
  • viral infections;
  • harmful working conditions (work with cadmium, rubber industry).

Three early signs of prostate cancer

The main problem in diagnosing the disease is that the symptoms begin to reveal only when the disease has gone too far, leaving little chance for a complete recovery.

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It is important to know how prostate cancer can show itself in the early stages.

1. Changes in the process of urination

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Such problems include a weak urine stream, inability to control urination and a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying.

2. Blood in the sperm or urine

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Bloody discharge during urination or ejaculation is far from the norm. This symptom may be a sign of prostate cancer or have other causes, such as an unfortunate infection or an inflammatory process. In any case, a specialist consultation is necessary.

3. Pain in the lower back

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If cancer has spread beyond the gland, the nearby organs may also start to work improperly. It especially concerns the pelvis anatomical formations of and the spine structures.

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Unfortunately, Dr. Wysock emphasizes prostate cancer is rarely diagnosed because of lower back pain, although this is possible.

Don’t panic

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Keep in mind these three potential symptoms of prostate cancer can be caused by some other, less serious problems.

Here is what Dr. Wysock says about this:

These are just signals for assessing the physical condition of the male body. Don’t try to diagnose yourself with prostate cancer.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, persuade your man to address the doctor. Don’t frighten him immediately with a terrible diagnosis. The good news is that this disease is curable.

In case of early diagnosis, 98 out of 100 men have no relapses for five and even more years. That’s why it is extremely important not to miss the first symptoms.

Share this important information with your friends, and maybe you will eventually save someone’s life!

Source: Men's Health

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