Instagram Vs Reality: German Blogger Exposes What's Behind Ideal Images From Social Media

Date September 17, 2018 17:12

Every day, Instagram gets flooded with photos of impeccable girls with radiant skin and stunning bodies. They might look aesthetically pleasing, but in most cases, they are not grounded in reality. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this. Some girls still compare themselves with Instagram stars, trying to match unrealistic standards and undermining their own self-esteem in the process. 


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To remind us about what's really behind these seemingly perfect photos, Cologne-based blogger Geraldine West decided to expose the reality behind each shot.

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Many beautiful photos aren't candid scenes from real life. Behind spectacular training photos, there is sweat and hard work. Behind flawless skin, there is a two-hour makeup session with tons of highlighters, concealers, and other cosmetics.

Even experienced “fitness bunnies” get sick of constant vegetable diets!

Could you fit all your stuff in such a small suitcase?


Instagram models make dirty laundry seem perfect!

Shopping is definitely not always this satisfying...

...and beauty procedures are never this fun!

Geraldine enjoys a solid fanbase. There are almost 38,000 people subscribed to her page thanks to her honest comparisons.

West isn’t the only one who has exposed what lies behind immaculate Instagram photos. Popular blogger Chessie King has recently shared tips on how to pose to achieve an ideal figure.

Other social networks users have also shared ideas on how to use tools to create snazzy shots.

Geraldine reminds us that it’s time for girls to stop striving for perfection and love themselves as they are!

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