Instant Beauty! New “Towel” Challenge Goes Viral On Instagram

Date September 25, 2018 19:50

Quite an original video was recently spotted to be floating around the Internet. Instagram user Regina, who also works as a vocalist for the rapper T-Killah, shared the amazing way to shorten the long preparation process so many women have troubles with.


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The girl leaves the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and a classic terry turban; after a few seconds she tears off the washing cloth and appears in front of the Internet public with a perfectly done hair and a refined evening gown.


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The video instantly became viral and began to attract other users to repeat the fabulous transformation. Girls compete in the ability to dress quickly, spreading similar videos on their accounts.


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She seems to has just left a bath, but in a few seconds, she is already ready to amaze the men with her beauty!


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Girls are known for their passion for various kinds of challenges, so this one was picked up quite eagerly.


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This flashmob serves as a way for females to prove they are able to dress up quickly. The stereotype of the two-hour-long gathering is finally over!

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The hashtag #redgidresschallenge has already gathered almost fifty spectacular and funny videos.


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While some users demonstrate their ability to change instantly, others compete in originality when choosing a location.


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Flashmobs on Instagram are a popular phenomenon. For example, these girls shared their photos with and without makeup, not being afraid to show how different their faces might look.


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After Prince Louis’ birth, other women decided to recall how they looked 7 hours after the labor and compared themselves to the Duchess of Cambridge.


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Such challenges help girls not only express themselves but also find like-minded people! How do you feel about such trends? Do you support them? Share your opinions in the comments.

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