Most Flexible Face In The World: This Man Became Famous Thanks To His Unusual Ability

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October 11, 2018 18:05 By Fabiosa

If 20-30 years ago many children wanted to become actors in the future, now, every kid wants to become a blogger. Why? This is a real dream job: you spend the entire day on social networks, upload photos, and talk about your everyday life. However, it becomes more and more difficult to hook the audience and gather new subscribers every day. Therefore, the content must be really absorbing.

We found a guy on Instagram who didn't have to put much effort into making about 1,600,000 people adore him. With his every new post, their number only increases. What’s his secret? His insane popularity wouldn’t have been real without his flexible face.

This blogger is registered in social networks with the nickname HolyGod, and yes, he became famous for his unusual face. Due to peculiar physiological features, he can reach his nose with his lips. Moreover, he can hide it completely.


Публикация от HolyGod 👽💕 (@holygxd)

A witty blogger signs his photos in the most hilarious way, and people are happy to comment on them.

I had to make sure she wouldn’t bite my nose off.


Публикация от HolyGod 👽💕 (@holygxd)

Subscribers answer:

You are the best, bro!

I love you!

How do you even breathe?

I can’t do it like this!

He regularly posts memes on his social network page and loves to make fun of himself.

In addition, the guy has another talent: he raps quite good and stars in the clips.


Публикация от HolyGod 👽💕 (@holygxd)

Many of his subscribers tried to repeat the trick: reach their noses with the lips. As it could have been predicted, no one could do this. The blogger revealed his secret in the video below.

HolyGod makes the public laugh out loud, making them feel the best emotion in the world – happiness. Would you subscribe to this guy? Share your opinions in the comments!

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