Top 3 Most Unattainable Female Zodiac Signs

Date October 18, 2018

All women are different. If something is permissible for one, it may seem like a sheer disgrace to the other! However, all women love when their partner surprises them and fulfills all their whims.

Astrologers are sure the stars have a considerable influence on a woman’s character, and that is why today we will figure out which three women are the most unattainable for men.


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Only the most patient males are able to conquer these cuties!

3rd place – Aquarius


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You need to take care of Aquarius for a long and hard time. Make sure you have had enough visits to restaurants, cinemas, and cafes. It is necessary to give her gifts. Not standard ones, but rather personalized gifts, taking into account her interests and desires. Aquarius evaluates her boyfriend for a long time and carefully analyzes all the pros and cons. There is a reasonable sense in this because at this stage those men who aren’t quite serious and aren’t ready to wait are eliminated.


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Aquarius “gives up” slowly and opens up for a potential partner quite unwillingly. However, when she knows she can completely trust him, he becomes the happiest man on earth.

2nd place – Capricorn


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Since childhood, Capricorns have the motivation: being married forever. They can’t stand the word “divorce,” so they approach their choice of partner with special care. Capricorn isn’t going to waste her time on trifles, so if she doesn’t like the man, she tells him about it directly.

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The relationship stage for Capricorn is important, not so much for romantic reasons, but because during this period she will be able to study the future husband thoroughly. If a man can earn her trust, she is ready for marriage!

1st place – Pisces


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Pisces often don’t know what they want themselves, so it can be very difficult to secure their attention. Men wonder how to approach Pisces. If a man has enough patience, he can take care of her for a long time.

However, sometimes, these efforts aren’t always worth the candle, because Pisces can wave her “tail” and leave the boyfriend with nothing.


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