Ugh, Yuck! 9 Features Of Female Appearance That Repel Men

Date October 22, 2018 19:08

Perhaps almost each and every woman has dreamt about having a strong, confident, and worthy man by her side. Females are capable of using all possible methods to seduce the desired man. However, have you ever thought about the features of a woman’s appearance that actually can seriously scare men away?

1. Body negligence

Men aren’t attracted by women with dirty hair and untidy nail polish. However, that doesn't mean a woman should spend a fortune on beauty salons. Not everyone can afford this, and it isn’t necessary. Don’t wait for the professional help; there are many way to look after and pamper yourself at home without spending unecessary cash on those ridiculous manicure maintenance issues.

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2. Flawless beauty

Men are unpredictable, so sometimes, even the newest clothes, immaculate behavior, and correct manners can make a bad impression. Men usually run away from such women, eager to find more accessible targets. This is because they begin to figure out how much such beauty will cost them and how this “Miss Perfection” will annoy them later. In addition, the fear of losing their beloved to another won’t reassure them. 


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3. Obsession with plastics

There is no doubt: men adore big breasts and plump lips. However, the ladies who can’t live a day without planning their own “update” don’t appeal to men. They don’t like the women who strive to change their appearance beyond recognition. There should be a limit in everything; otherwise, you risk dying proud and beautiful, yet still unmarried.

4. Too sharp perfume

Of course, every woman should have her own unique scent, which adds to her special charm and attractiveness. However, did you know that men don’t like perfumes that are too sharp? Be careful; don’t overuse your favorite perfume. According to surveys, men aren’t too enthusiastic about the sweet smells.


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5. Hair extensions

Most girls believe that artificial hair isn’t visible in their everyday hairstyle. However, men say the opposite. The smallest problem may occur if the capsules become visible due to a strong wind, and you may be in even more trouble when a man detects them and decides to pat you on the head! Moreover, while sleeping, your hair can be scattered on a pillow and reveal to your beloved all the secrets of its density.

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6. Bad skin

Problems with skin are either a consequence of poor care or a sign of health problems. Forget about immaculate skin – even the most professional beauty expert will be able to remove the pimples completely and “paint over” the natural redness. No need to look at it as a solution to all problems. However, going to a beautician or a dermatologist is the first and, perhaps, the most important step towards reaching the appearance that men like so much.

7. Bad body odor

It may sound surprising, but many women ignore the rules of hygiene and don’t shower for several days. They are guided by one simple rule: “As long as I can’t smell myself, it does not exist.” However, it is important to understand that you may not always perceive the smell of your own body – this is how the human body works. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and shower at least once a day.

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8. Unnaturally white teeth

Granted, a girl’s teeth should be well-groomed, but not to the extent that it blinds everyone around! Unnatural whiteness can scare a man. Think about why you might need it. Unless, of course, you are a Hollywood actress who is about to receive that long-awaited Oscar.

9. Bright makeup

Most often, overly-smokey eyes along with screaming lipstick evokes a strong desire to run away from such a “rainbow.” Don’t mix all the beauty means and don’t use everything at once in your everyday look. Men don’t usually like a lot of makeup.

Ask the men in your life what repels them from women and share the opinions in the comments!

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