Why Women Of One African Nation Aren’t Ashamed Of Lovers W

Why Women Of One African Nation Aren’t Ashamed Of Lovers While Men Hide Their Faces

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December 12, 2018 19:21 By Fabiosa

What do you know about Muslims? Most of them adhere to the patriarchy. A man plays the dominant role in the family; he deals with important issues. A woman brings up children and creates comfort in the house. Usually, most women have no right to vote.

However, one of the African’s societies perceives this religion differently. Tuaregs are also Muslims, but their traditions, habits, and customs can embarrass everyone practicing Islam.

Polygamy is allowed in Islam, but Tuareg men usually marry only once in their lifetime. Women enjoy special respect and honor; girls are taught reading and writing from an early age, while men may be illiterate up to the end of their lives.

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Traditional Muslim women cover their heads. Especially religious ones cover their faces completely. However, everything is different in Tuareg’s society. When a young man turns 18, relatives arrange a celebration. This is considered an adult age. A boy gets a long scarf as a gift and can’t appear in public without this accessory. A man must not only cover his head but in some cases his entire face. It is believed that in this way he protects himself from evil forces.

In ancient times, if a man was seen without his scarf, he risked being killed.

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Women don’t need such scarf and cover their heads to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

Both men and women may have intimate relationships before marriage. This isn’t forbidden and even encouraged. Moreover, a woman can continue leading a “free” way life, even after marriage. There were cases when the entire village attempted to find out who was a child’s father.


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Tuareg society still divides people into castes. There are noble families and slaves.


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Tuaregs adhere to the matriarchal way of life. Women play a significant role in society. Inheritance is carried out on the female line. If a man marries a woman of another tribe, after the wedding, he moves to her tribe.

The Tuareg people are truly unique. Matriarchy, unusual dressing rules, premarital life – everything is different from the rest of the world! Are you impressed that in the 21st century we still have such way of life? Share your opinions in the comments.

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