Take It Off! How Different Color Shades Might Make You Look Fat (With Celebrity Examples)

Date September 26, 2018

Having a good taste in clothes is not only about matching different fashionable and suitable styles. You should also understand what kind of materials are better for you, which prints you should totally avoid, and even what colors can play a low-down trick with you!

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If you have the flawless figure, you can always try on an outfit of any shade but does this mean it will always look the same? Not a sure thing. Everybody knows that white color makes you look chubby while black visibly slims your body.

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Still, there is a lot to do with colors! Using the examples of celebrities, we will show and explain to you what outfit shades better be avoided. First of all, you should understand that each color has its own dark, light, and neutral shades. They also correlate to the high and low reflections. Light shades will always increase your body shape, while the dark ones won't.

1. The orange color is not the best decision


Have you ever noticed that famous women like Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton never dress up in orange? Even if they choose red or yellow sometimes? Firstly, orange looks pretty faded on photos, it doesn't contrast with the skin, and seems to be odd. Secondly, because of this lack of contrast, it appears that a woman may look visually thicker than she really is.

2. Pink, not fuchsia!


One would think, what is wrong with these light shades? Why they make you look thick? The truth is that the garish colors cover almost everything, and if you have different flaws, it would be only easier to notice them!

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3. The same story with other bright shades


Somber red color will suit you with the darker palette, making your body look more well-shaped. The brighter one looks pretty sharp and smoothes the edges, which can only show visually underlined flaws again.

4. Materials with tinsel make you chubby. Even the dark ones


This rule you should learn by heart! Just look at Queen Letizia in her deep blue dress. It performs exactly as the black - it makes you slim. Bright and glowing blue dress reflects far more light! This bloom of light draws extra centimeters to the sides of the body.

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5. Grey color glistens surreptitiously


The same as it was in the previous example. You can clearly see that the grey color also reflects light, adding some glistenings which make you look a bit chubby. If it is possible, better choose the darker shapes.

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You should know your body's shape and features in order to not reveal your flaws. IWe have intentionally showed the examples of the slim women because it is easier to estimate what colors suit you and what don't. Pay more attention to your outfit!

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