Why Do Women Cheat? 5 Reasons Of Female Infidelity

Date October 6, 2018

While it is typically considered that it's mostly men, who cheat on their wives and girlfriends, in fact, women can also be unfaithful to their partners. We are going to share with you why this stereotype is still a thing, and why ladies cheat sometimes. By the way, they do not do it for the same reasons as men.

Why does society perceive men as unfaithful?

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  1. Western cultural stereotypes justify men, saying that cheating is in the male nature. Some men even brag about their infidelity to their friends. On the other hand, however, society treats women differently. Women who cheat on their partners are considered despicable and dirty.
  2. As a rule, the fragile ego of men keeps them away from a thought that someone could cheat on them.
  3. Men are more likely to engage in sexual crimes than women. There is an assumption that men are more prone to sexual violence in general.
  4. Women hide the fact of infidelity better than men.
  5. Men aren't so careful, and they are more likely to get caught. (see No. 4).

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Why women cheat

The British dating site for people seeking extra-marital affairs, Undercover Lovers, interviewed approximately 2,000 men and 2,000 women. Among the unfaithful women, 57% said they loved the person they had an affair with. But only 27% of men said they cheated because they were in love. Based on this, it becomes clear that women need an emotional connection more than men.

Causes of female adultery

1. She feels undervalued

If a woman is considered nothing more than a housekeeper, nanny or servant, she feels undervalued. No wonder she wants to receive attention and gratitude she deserves, so she simply finds it elsewhere. She is a woman, and wants to be treated like a woman and not a housemaid.

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2. Loneliness and boredom

Long-term relationships tend to degenerate into routine and loss of interest to each other. Her husband plays the computer every evening and is busy with his own things. All attempts to achieve affection end with either nothing or unimaginative sexual intercourse without much emotion.

Long business trips can also lead to such situations, causing loneliness and boredom. This is especially dangerous if the couple already has troubles in their relationship.

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3. The desire to take revenge

If a man cheated on his woman, she might want to punish him in the same way. Also, there might be other reasons for a woman to take revenge. For example, she might be offended and feel resentful:

Oh, so, I'm fat and will not find anyone but you? We shall see!

4. New experience and emotions

This is the most common reason for men's infidelity, but it happens sometimes that women also want that new and forbidden experience. Sometimes, such one-time affair can develop into a serious relationship, and sometimes the two just occasionally have sex.

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5. Intimacy disorder

An intimacy disorder is a state of inability to maintain close emotional relationships, to trust each other. Childhood trauma and/or sexual abuse often lead to such problem in adulthood. Women with an intimacy disorder seek bright emotions, but not emotional intimacy.

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Of course, there are other reasons, but these are the most common. If among the reasons mentioned above, you found yours, try talking to your husband or contact a therapist.

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