7 Women's Mistakes In Relationships That Men Do Not Forgive. Even Unpretentious Ones Leave Such Ladies!

Date October 3, 2018

Relationships between men and women can often break up even when everything seems to be perfect. Boom! and the beloved one writes you a message that everything is over, or simply disappears from the life of the woman. This can happen even to the most beautiful and intelligent ladies. There are several reasons that explain why this happens. It turns out that women can make some certain things, which men basically cannot accept or embrace.

Women's mistakes in relationships

1. You hurt your partner's dignity

Many women tend to insult or shame their men and often may not even notice it. If you do the same, do not expect that the darling will stay with you for a long time. Classic phrases are: "You can not even wash the dishes" or "Make a penny!" And if these reproaches are occurring publicly, this is even more offensive.

Just think it for a second: if you are in some way infringing or suppressing your man, the relationship is doomed.

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2. You are being jealous without any reason

Constant unreasonable jealousy speaks only of your distrust or lack of self-confidence. If the husband's delay from work causes a scandal in the house, he most likely will not put up with it for long. Why does he need a person with some kind of a psychological trauma from past relationships?

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3. You compare him with other men

It's not wise to tell your loved one about your wonderful past relationships and how attentive your ex was. Also, do not compare him with others: "You can not even fix the toilet bowl, but Kate's Phil repaired everything himself!"

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4. You try to manipulate him

A man with a strong personality will not allow anybody to manipulate him. After all, the basis of any successful manipulation is the prey's weakness. And no men by nature want to feel weak and dominated.

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5. You do not appreciate him

It is important for men to feel needed. If he feels that you do not appreciate him, then, no matter how much he loves you, he will leave. To prevent this from happening, just saying "thank you" is not enough. You should sincerely appreciate all that he does for you, support him in any endeavors. Perhaps he is not a superhero and he might not succeed at everything, but in any case, he wanted to do something good.

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6. You are trying to change him

Have you married him in hope of making him more suitable for yourself? Unfortunately, it is your biggest mistake. You cannot make out of him a person he doesn't want to become. For example, not all people dream of being millionaires, so in this case, constantly gifting him books about how to become rich isn't going to do any good. Better give your man more free space and just try to inspire, motivate, and guide him in the right direction.

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7. You are too dependent on your partner

If a small parting feels unbearable for you, it means either you are 16-18 years old or you do indeed depend on the relationship too much. Men value their personal time and space, so constant calls and expressions of your desire to see them can only push them away. Appreciate the autonomy in the relationship, develop independently and bring something new into your union.

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What else do you think can ruin a relationship? Share your opinion in the comments!

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