Beauty Is Not Everything: 10 Signs Of A Real Woman

Date October 1, 2018

Who is she? A mythical character? Wonder Woman? A mother? A wife? A daughter? A real woman is not a certain age.

But there are qualities and life principles that distinguish her from other women...

1. She is comfortable with herself

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She doesn't have complexes and doesn't see any reason to, because she is quite sure that she looks great. She keeps and knows how to make a good impression of herself without outside validation. But ironically enough, lots of people compliment her. However, she doesn't perceive them as evidence, but rather as a confirmation of her value.

2. She knows how to give

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A real woman is not selfish at all. She understands that real joy isn't about demanding or taking something, but giving others her care, love, and warmth. She gives and doesn't expect to receive anything in return.

3. She lives without drama

She has lived through drama since her teenage years. And she realizes that no drama comparable to quiet happiness. A real woman won't play games, fight for no reason, or make her man jealous simply for the sake of attention and power.

4. The man is becoming better under her influence

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There is a great power in any woman. Her partner can either degrade, or grow and develop. It all depends on how she treats his male ego. A real woman respects her man, his abilities, and potential. Even if he has not achieved much yet.

5. She is always reasonable

A real woman is wise enough to prevent conflict. The best fight is the one that never happened. She does not lose her head from resentment and anger and is able to find a logical way out of any situation.

6. She is open

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Such a woman will always be able to defend her principles without giving them up. She is not afraid to express her point of view even when it may differ from the majority's opinion. But most importantly, she can listen with patience to what others say.

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7. She is real

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She never pretends nor plays some kind of fake role. She is who she is, and this is unbelievably charming. She does not hesitate to say if she does not like something. She always speaks her own mind, and that's why it is so much easier for a man to be with her.

8. She leaves a good impression

People like her. She easily finds dialogue with others. She will get along with your mom, sister, friends, and they will be delighted with this girl. This woman is self-confident, smart, open, honest and faithful. And attractive. It is easy to make a good, long-lasting impression.

9. She can take care of herself

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A real woman is not helpless - not at all! She will not die without a guardian beside her. But it is not difficult to feign helplessness if she feels her man needs it from time to time.

10. She does not pursue happiness

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She is not chasing anything at all. A real woman sails steadily through life, always living in the moment, because the present is the most interesting and important thing that gets her attention. She has plans for the future but they do not determine her life.

Each of us can become a real woman. Let's be one, so that real men don't vanish from this planet! 

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