How Many Mistakes Are In This Picture?

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September 19, 2018 11:11 By Fabiosa

Logic games that require your full concentration can help you "train" your brain by improving important qualities like observation and thinking.


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Oh-so-wrong drawing

Here is one of those games. In this picture below, you should find 22 inaccuracies, which contradict common sense and the laws of nature, based on your logical reasoning.

Для самых внимательных: сколько ошибок вы найдете на картинке?

Such warmup for the brain is interesting for adults and children of secondary school age. You can spend the whole evening with your family, giving everyone the opportunity to look for mistakes in turn, and then share your answers with each other.

We hope that you'll put in some effort before looking up the answers!

Let's make our brains work a little.


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1. The gate has 4 crossbars, whereas the shadow has only 3.

2. The gate has no locks or hooks.

3. Pumpkins and flowers grow right on the stone fence.

Для самых внимательных: сколько ошибок вы найдете на картинке?

4. There are steps to the house, but there is no door.

5. Curtains on the windows hang outside the house.

6. The man is dressed in female slippers with pompoms.

7. The man is disproportionately large when compared to the house.

8. One of the sheep has horns.

9. One sheep does not have legs.

10. There are no shadows from the sheep.

11. The dog is too big when compared to the sheep.

12. The man's shadow and the dog's shadow fall in different directions.

13. The wind's different directions: the smoke from the pipe goes one way, and the trees lean into the other.

14. The horse goes towards the plowed field.

15. There is no bridle or yoke on the horse.

16. There is nobody holding the plow.

17. The leaf tree has a branch with pine needles.

18. What season is it? There are no leaves on one tree, but the other ones are green.

19. There is a cart of an unnaturally large size when compared to a man on the field.

20. Snowflakes fall from the cloud, but it's not winter.

21. The lower mountain is covered with snow, whereas the highest is not.

22. Somehow, the reservoir is above the surface.

Be honest, did you find all the mistakes?

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