Riddle That Causes No Difficulties For Children, But Absolutely Blows Any Adult's Mind!

Date October 2, 2018 16:40

This peculiar children's riddle for attentive ones was first published long-long time ago. It still "walks" over the web and forces to train concentration skills of many adults who love all sorts of puzzles and riddles. Despite seeming simple, not everyone can correctly answer all the questions.

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Want to test how observant you are?

Solve the riddle

Look carefully at the picture above and answer the questions:

  1. What season of the year is it in the picture?
  2. What month is it?
  3. Is the boy going to school, or is he having a vacation?
  4. Is there a running water in the apartment?
  5. Who lives in this apartment, except for the father and his son, whom do you see in the picture?
  6. What is the father's job?

Pay attention to any little things that may help you find the answer. The successful solution of this riddle depends on how attentive you are.


Did you find answers to all the questions?

Let's check if you've guessed it right?

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The answers:

  1. Winter (the boy is standing in the winter boots).
  2. January (there's a calendar on the wall, and it can be seen that only one sheet is lifted).
  3. It's not a school holiday anymore. (because the Christmas tree is no longer in the apartment).
  4. Yes (it can be seen that the boy washes his hands under the basin faucet).
  5. A little girl (you can see girly toys next to the table).
  6. A teacher (books and notebooks lie in front of him, and something is written in one of them with a red pen).

It was not so difficult, was it? Share with us how you coped with this mystery!

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