Sleeping On Your Stomach Is Bad For Your Health! How To Sleep Properly To Have A Full Night's Rest?

Date October 3, 2018

It has already been estimated many times that we spend one-third of our life in a dream. Therefore, for your body to fully relax, you should sleep the right, "scientific" way, where the most important thing is the right position!


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Doctors have determined the most harmful and useful sleeping positions for your health. It turns out that there are good reasons not to sleep on your stomach! Let's find out how to sleep right!.

The most harmful position for sleeping is on the stomach!


For many people, this position of the body at night is the most comfortable. Indeed, it is easier to fall asleep on the stomach, in addition, such position is an effective prevention of snoring. However, somnologists say that such habit can lead to the development of chronic back pain.

Doctors consider sleeping on the abdomen to be the worst variant of the body position during the night time rest. The head and neck should be able to move freely, so that the person could comfortably breathe while being asleep. But when we lie on our stomach, the body is fixed.

Doctors believe that sleeping in this position is allowed only if a person experiences a persistent discomfort in the digestive system, since it helps to reduce the unpleasant feelings.

Why is it bad to sleep on your belly?

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Here are at least 5 important reasons why this position should be avoided.

  1. While sleeping on the abdomen, your back arches, so that its muscles remain strained for several hours, which leads to additional pressure on your spine. In addition, you guarantee yourself neck pain for the same reason!
  2. When a person lies down on their stomach, they turn their head to one side. Since at this moment one of the vertebral arteries is squeezed, the blood supply to the brain is relatively disturbed.
  3. While sleeping on your belly, the lungs can not completely expand, as your rib cage is compressed. This makes breathing difficult, depriving your body of the needed amount of oxygen.
  4. Sleeping on the abdomen can cause sexual problems (both in men and in women). Since the body's own weight presses on the internal organs, the blood circulation in the lower abdomen is disrupted. This directly affects your sexual health.
  5. Cosmetologists also do not recommend this position! People who usually sleep on their belly, have wrinkles on their face (especially in the nasolabial area). In addition, women are more prone to the risk of acquiring wrinkles on their face as well as on their breasts, which are difficult to get rid of later. Also, those who love sleeping on the stomach often experience swelling of the face in the mornings.

The best position to sleep in is on the back


Although only eight percent of people sleep on their back, this body position is the most preferable.

  1. This position allows the head, neck, and spine to relax in a neutral position.
  2. Since sleeping on the back does not create additional pressure on the spine, you are less likely to suffer from pain.
  3. It is also a great way of treating acid reflux. Just do not forget about the pillow, which raises and supports the head so that the stomach remains below the esophagus. This helps prevent food or acid from entering the gastrointestinal tract.

Be careful: sleeping on the back is dangerous for those who suffer from apnea. In addition, this position can worsen your snoring.

Tips from somnologists for those who love to sleep on their belly


What are the options for people who for some reasons can fall asleep only on their stomach?

  1. In this case, you need to put a pillow under the pelvic area - right beneath your stomach. This helps relieve pressure on the spine.
  2. Put the pillow under the head as well. If, however, you feel that your back is straining, it is better to try to sleep without the pillow.

Any sleeping position has its own pros, as well as its cons. It is important to find the position that is right for you. You can always consult a specialist to be able to help you get the best rest at night.

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