Test "Colorful Psychology": Choose One Pup And Find Out What's Your Life Mood Is

Date August 13, 2018

Psychological tests are a fun and easy way to learn something interesting about yourself and track your condition and mood. They sometimes can even help you understand what you really want at this moment. A choice is arguably the best mechanism for analyzing the needs and even some features of a person. Just look at these lovely puppies! Pick your friend and find out what the choice tells about you!

Red Doggy

The choice of the red pup shows that you are a passionate person who has a very strong competitive spirit. You know how to compete, as there is only one acceptable result for you - the best. Sometimes, you have bursts of aggression when something goes wrong, but a strong will is your best quality.

Brown Dogstache

You are a very sensitive person who takes a lot to heart. This is not always beneficial for you, as worrying too much isn't good for your health. And yet, such empathy allows you to understand people like no other. They feel your supportive and kind character, so you will never be alone.

Blue Pupster

You are a calm and gentle person. It is almost impossible to make you angry. This also speaks of being very patient, which helps you make wise decisions. In relationships, you like to occupy a "patronizing" niche, but at the same time, you clearly know when you need to be "weak."

Grey, Dog Grey

Secrets and mystery are the best words to describe your life. You are hardly an open person even to the closest people, which often hurts them. And yet, if a person once proved his loyalty to you, then you can let him in so close that together you will rock the mountains!

Yellow Sunnypup

You are a spontaneous person. The sedentary lifestyle is totally not about you. Travels and new discoveries are your hobbies! You are full of ideas and goals, and you are constantly moving towards their achievement. The aspirations will lead you to success!

Black Dog (The Dark Knight)

Often, you have a quite pessimistic perception of your life. You tend to not believe in yourself, quickly drop your hands and fall into self-pity. It is not right! Everybody learns something, and you just need to learn to be able to keep the faith in the best, as many of your actions do bring good results. Try to focus on the positive moments and do not scold yourself for any fails. Everyone makes mistakes all the time!

Even the choice of such a small thing as color allows you to make a psychological portrait, as your every choice and decision speaks about the specific traits of the character. The test is based on the Lüscher color test.

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