This Can Happen To Anyone: 9 Non-Obvious Signs Of Infidelity

Date October 3, 2018

Secrets and lies in relationships are not only about hidden messages on the phone and staying up late at work. These things are pretty obvious to notice and forgive. But there are far worse actions, which can ruin everything. Unfortunately, cheating is quite common these days. This does not mean that you need to play the role of a detective 24 hours a day. You just need to be aware of some specific signs. Subsequently, this will relieve your worry and help you speak to your partner, without acting primitively. 

1. Infidelity is not a problem for your partner


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If, your beloved one thinks there's no big deal in cheating, belittles the matter or simply reacts with humor - be careful. This is a powerful signal that they are a potential cheater. Indeed, what can prevent him or her from sleeping with someone on the side, if there is nothing bad about it?

2. His friends are cheating on their partners /

Look at your partner's social circle. If his or her friends constantly cheat, it'll affect them. Euripides was totally right when said that it's easy to judge a person by their friends ...

3. Through the roof testosterone


If your man is an alpha-male, a macho man like someone from a Kimberly Lang or Paul Queen novel, this is an indirect sign of a possible cheater. However, it's not wise to label him immediately. Physiognomists noticed a link between high testosterone levels (square jaw, low voice, dense hair on the body, powerful musculature) and a penchant for infidelity. Such men, according to researchers, are more likely to cheat, more likely to divorce, and typically spend less time with children. At the same time, they are more energetic and concentrated. But once again, high testosterone doesn't necessarily means he will cheat. Just be aware and vigilant (not jealous).

4. Once a cheater - always a cheater


Those who have cheated on their partners at least once are likely to do it again. That's why, when you are building a relationship with such a person, it is important to know about his past in order to have an idea of what the future may hold for you. Radical changes, unfortunately, are rare. Adults do not change if they do not want to, and even if they do want, it is incredibly hard.

5. Doesn't display his feelings in public

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Public affection tells others that you are a couple. This is especially natural for men. Touching around the waist, for example, means designating the territory. The lack of little gestures speaks about the lack of seriousness of your relationship.

6. Fear of possible failure in bed

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It may seem strange, but it's true. A person who feels insecure or is afraid of failing during sex really is more prone to become a cheater.

7. Lack of relationship experience

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This also might be a subtle sign. Just think about with whom does your partner has really close relationships. How well does she/he get along with their parents? Are there any close friends? The absence of such connections is a bad sign. They say that such a person does not know how to build strong and deep friendship. There's no way a relationship with you would differ much.

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8. Narcissism


If you think your partner is full of narcissism and selfishness, it means there's a high chance of them being unfaithful. This fact was revealed by psychologists and dating coaches. Men who cheat do this because they are fixated on themselves. And they will never miss a chance to pamper their ego. Even if on someone else's bed.

9. "Been there done that." His/her parents have also cheated

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Parental divorce, infidelity in the family, constant secrets and lies - these things leave marks on people. In general, behavior in the family often determines how a child will build his own life. If the parents have wonderful relationship, the children are raised with love, and the husband never raises his voice on his wife, their children are likely to be more successful in relationships. If the children grow up seeing irresponsibility and infidelity from their parents... Well, you know how it goes.

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