Toasted Coconut — The Most Fashionable Hair Color Of Fall 2018!

Date October 4, 2018

Fall is the perfect time to try out a new style. The hair color trend of 2018? Toasted coconut!


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The name might be a bit strange, but the color is absolutely mesmerizing!


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The slick new coloring scheme looks like this: the roots have a chestnut brown color, while the hair progresses into lighter tones, becoming practically white on the tips. This technique reminds us of the classic "ombre", but has more extensive coverage.


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Dark-haired ladies will be especially pleased. After all, they will need to paint only the tips.

Since the roots must remain dark, a visit to the stylist will not cost you a lot, and the procedure won't cause much damage. 

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In addition, annoying overgrown roots will no longer be a problem!


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Try out this style and you'll immediately understand why it's the hot new thing.


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Toasted coconut has already taken over 2018! Are you ready to try it out for yourself?

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