Silent Killers: 7 Dangerous Diseases Developing Without Noticeable Symptoms

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June 8, 2018 14:10 By Fabiosa

Health professionals announced 7 dangerous diseases that accumulate almost without symptoms. They imperceptibly destroy health since first noticeable signs appear only at the stage of disease progression, decreasing chances for timely treatment and full recovery.  

To detect these enemies, only regular preventive examinations help!

1. Arterial hypertension

The most widespread chronic disease among adults shows itself just by increase in arterial pressure. Other symptoms stay behind the scene for a long time. 

2. Diabetes  

Every second diabetic patient discovers the diagnosis by accident during a preventive examination or while taking a blood test to check sugar. 

3. Fatty hepatosis 

For years, a person can live without having a clue that one suffers from fatty liver.

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The virus causing inflammatory hepatic disorders can silently progress destroying one from inside over time.

5. Non-melanoma skin cancer

The only sign of this cancer type at early stages is a red exfoliative dot, which can appear on any part of the skin. The situation is worsened by the fact that through time it disappears. Consequently, a person will most probably ignore this symptom!

6. Colon cancer

This dangerous disease is in the list of leaders among oncological diseases. Colon cancer does not show itself at the early stages at all. 

7. Cervical cancer

Unfortunately, only a gynecologist is able to discover this disease during an examination.

To enjoy a green old age, medical professionals recommend everyone to pass through full health examination once a year. If you noticed any unusual symptoms, you should better make an appointment to see the doctor right away.

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