"Why Does It Always Happen To Me?" 10 Reasons Why People Attract Trouble

Date November 22, 2018

Why do some people seem to be on a never ending spell of troubles? Some people blame bad fortune or fate, but not psychologists. According to specialists, anybody can take on any misfortune, but only if they are ready to stand up for their own happiness!

To understand the cause of the misfortunes, try to analyze your words and deeds. Only you can get to the bottom of it and figure out why you are having a run of bad luck.

Psychologists specify 10 main reasons, why a person can attract disaster.

1. You spend too much energy.

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If misfortunes started haunting you, try to revise your lifestyle. Maybe, people around you have a negative impact on you, or maybe you waste too much of your energy.

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2. You are subconsciously attracting bad luck.

Don’t underestimate the power of thought! Bad thoughts can bring much trouble in your life. Stop pitying yourself and complaining about your misfortunes. Get yourself together and start each day with a smile! 

3. You build safety nets.


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Numerous excuses for your own inaction might comfort your conscience, but they won’t make problems disappear. Stop being afraid of the unknown and try to bring something new in your life!

4. You are acting against common sense.

Many people keep doing stupid things only to prove they were right from the start or not to show weakness. Maybe, it’s time to listen to wise people close to you, which can help solve the accumulated problems.

5. You are not comfortable in your own home.

Home is a place where we replenish our life forces and get strength for future accomplishments. Make it a point to fill your home with peace and harmony – and the misfortune will avoid you.

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6. You love to procrastinate.

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If you like to do things in the last minute, you know that this approach is fraught with complications. To conquer your laziness, plan important things beforehand and try to stick to your schedule.

7. You are bored with your life.

Troubles often follow people who stop caring about life in all its shapes and sizes. Dream, make ambitious plans for the future, and make your close ones happy!

8. You stopped taking care of your health.

It’s not a secret that many life problems begin with deteriorated state of physical and psychological health. Psychologists claim that anger, irritation, and other negative feelings can cause a range of diseases, which definitely won’t make you happy! 

9. You are on the wrong path.

If misfortunes literally haunt you, it’s time you give it some thorough thinking. Maybe you are doing not what you are supposed to be doing? You can adjust your life expectations with the help of a therapist.

10. You are lonely or surrounded by toxic people.

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People suffering from a bad streak usually are overdue to reconsider their social circle. Try to find new interesting friends and start looking for your soul mate. True love is the best remedy for anything negative!

After you realize the reason of your misfortune, your life will start treating you differently. Always remember that your happiness is in your own hands!

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