Top-5 Honest Movies About Breaking-Up, Which Will Help You Better Understand What You Are Going Through

Date May 25, 2018

In Holmes and Rahe stress scale, marital separation from a mate is on the third place. If you decided to file for divorce, be ready to go through some tough times. But, there’s no reason for despair - life still goes on!

Here is a list of top-5 honest films, which will help you get through a painful break-up with your special one.

1. "The Story of Us", 1999

There is one step from love to hatred, as well as from marriage to divorce. After 15 years of being happily married, the spouses lost the feeling of attachment to each other and are one step away from divorce. However, Ben and Katie tried to fix it...

2. "The Break-Up", 2006

Gary and Brooke have to share a condominium they grew to hate. They are constantly fighting over trifles and each of them is trying to get back at each other. Once, they decide that enough is enough, and make up their minds to sell the flat. It’s not nearly the end of it...

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3. "Take This Waltz", 2011

A story of a married woman, who tries to choose between two different types of love: peaceful love to her spouse and passionate affair with a new neighbor.

4. "Enough Said", 2013

Eva, a divorced massage therapist, realizes that she needs to change something in her life not to end up alone. Once, she meets Albert, who seems to be a quite suitable match. As chance would have it, one of her clients turns out to be his ex-wife. What will she reveal about her ex-husband?

5. "By the Sea", 2015

While gradually drifting apart, a couple is trying to save their marriage on a trip across the country. Their complicated relationship is completely changed in a peaceful coastal town.

We hope these 5 honest movies about breaking-up will help you understand, what’s going on and pull through the divorce. Or patch up your relationship!

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