Five Common Things Doctors Usually Avoid Saying Before The Labor

Date July 13, 2018

Have you ever thought why doctors use only general terms to tell pregnant women about the labor? The answer will be to avoid frightening the impressionable future mothers. Well, that is totally in vain!

Although childbirth is an absolutely natural process, it is often accompanied by a whole series of “nuances,” which the mother-to-be should better find out in advance.

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Don’t panic! These five unusual things are completely normal during the labor.

1. You can tremble and chatter your teeth.

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Some mothers begin to tremble and chatter their teeth in the middle of labor. And that is not because of the cold temperatures in the maternity room! There are many reasons for this temporary chill: excessive muscular overstrain, pronounced hormonal imbalance, intravenous administration of drugs with a lower temperature than the human body. Sometimes, this condition can be caused by mother and child’s blood incompatibility.

2. You may vomit.

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Such surprises are also normal during the childbirth. Nausea (and even vomiting) in the women can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • epidural anesthesia (side effect);
  • severe pain syndrome;
  • dense food intake before the onset of labor.

To avoid this, after the labor pains begin, the future mother should limit herself with food, and drink only tea or lemon water during the active phase.

3. During the birth, you can emit gases. And not only!

When the child moves along the birth canal, its head squeezes your intestines. Therefore, it is possible that you may “spoil the air.” Especially, if epidural anesthesia is used, since it temporarily “paralyzes” the anal sphincter.

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Another surprise, which sometimes happens during the stage of violent labor pains, is defecation right on the delivery table. When the baby’s head squeezes the rectum, its contents may come out. Do not worry! Experienced physicians calmly refer to this as a natural “side effect.” However, making a cleansing enema before the labor won’t be amiss!

4. You may stop controlling yourself.

During labor, some mothers begin to behave unpredictably: They abuse the husband or doctors, growl, move furniture in the ward, etc. The reason for this behavior is hormonal surge. The body specifically increases the level of hormones in order to create optimal conditions for the serious work of the female body.

5. You may not remember some parts of the labor.

Sometimes, a woman doesn’t remember anything about her labor pains after the childbirth. With a strong emotional and physical overstrain, the brain can simply temporarily switch off, protecting the woman from unnecessary stress during the labor.

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Be prepared for the fact that love towards the baby may not appear immediately. Firstly, newborn kids seem to be very different from those plump babies at the advertising. Secondly, love euphoria can fail to come because of extreme fatigue. Do not worry! As soon as you relax and feed your baby for the first time, mother’s love won’t be long in coming!

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